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Prescribe to TIFF converter

Kyocera Corporation is a multinational manufacturer of office printers, scanners and multifuctional devices. Their native Printer Description Language (PDL), Prescribe, is software and platform independent and is ideal for solving unique and complex printing applications. Its flexibility enables you to tailor the output Device to your application. Included as part of our printing system, Prescribe is also a cost-effective approach to forms and letterhead printing. The only problem in that that Prescribe is not widely distributed and there are only few utilities to convert Prescribe script to a generic format.

We bring to your attention an utility for converting Prescribe language scripts to TIFF format. It works as an interpretator of Prescribe language which performs on-fly rasterization of vector graphics with specified color depth and quality. In true color mode it rasterizes text using ClearType font effects. On the last stage of conversion it saves generated bitmap to producing TIFF file. In addition to Prescribe -> TIFF convertion the utility is able to perform text file -> Tiff convertion.

Command line parameters

Usage: ConCnv [-h] [-b:bpp] [-f:sz] [-n:facename]
              [-g:sz] [-u:sz] [-m:sz] [-ml:sz] [-mt:sz]
              [-mr:sz] [-mb:sz] -t:txtfile -p:prescribe tiff
  -h     Print this help text
  -b     Bits per pixel (1, 8, 24, 32). Default value is 32
  -g     Page size. Possible values:
           A0-A9, B0-B9, C0-C9, Letter, Legal, Ledger, Tabloid
         Default size is A4
  -m     Margin to set in .1mm units
  -ml    Left margin (.1mm units)
  -mt    Top margin (.1mm units)
  -mr    Right margin (.1mm units)
  -mb    Bottom margin (.1mm units)
  -f     Font size in points. Default is 10pt. T2T mode only.
  -n     Font face name. Arial is default. T2T mode only.
  -u     Unit of measurement. Possible values:
          inch, cm, dot, px
         Default value is cm. P2T mode only.
  -t     Text file to convert. T2T mode.
  -p     Prescribe file to convert. P2T mode.
  tiff   Name of tiff file to create


You are free to download and use our converter during evaluation period - 30 days. Then it will stop to work and you will need to buy a license to make it working.

You can buy license right now visiting Purchase page.

Futher development

We are offering customization of the utility to your needs. Please contact us if you want to extend functionality or you have an ideas on integrating it to your software.

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